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  • Abby Morgan

How To Make Downsizing Before A Move Easy

Downsizing your home can be big, scary and sometimes necessary. Sometimes it's moving to a smaller space after all of the kids have grown up and left the family home. Sometimes it's moving from a 3000 SqFt. home to a quaint big city apartment. No matter the cause, it can be difficult. Here are some tips to help ease the journey of downsizing while enjoying your new, decluttered space.

Make A Plan Well Before You List

Making a plan for the move can help you feel less anxious about everything there is to accomplish. Sit down and write down the plans for moving day and who will assist you. Schedule time to go through every room of your home and declutter. Make plans for loved ones to come over and celebrate the space one more time. Order boxes and make an organization system for packing. Anything that will help you a little less overwhelmed during this time.

Digitize Memories

Set aside a time to pull out all of the boxes of pictures and artwork you have collected over the years. Scan each image into your computer. Organize them by year, person or hobby. From there you can share them with loved ones and bring those memories back to life. Transfer them to a hard drive so you can keep them forever while decluttering those that have been sitting in a box for years.

Set A Day For Family Pick Up

Plan a family fun day of going through memories and deciding who takes home what. This is a great way to make everyone included in the process, as leaving a family home can be difficult. Order pizzas, play some music and have fun reminiscing with each other while you prepare for the big move. Make sure they bring trailers and trucks to move any furniture you may part ways with. This is a great way to declutter without feeling like you are throwing away memories.

Set Up For A Thrift Store To Get The Rest

Most thrift stores have trucks where they can come to you to pick up larger items, furniture or lots of stuff. It is easy to give them a call and schedule a day right before moving for them to come pick up everything you would like to get rid of that is in good condition. This way the headache of figuring out where everything goes is eliminated and you are doing something charitable.

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